Project identification/ owner/ vendor


We identify advertised and planned Government Projects, and put together key partners in forming a suitable Joint Venture and a formidable entity to bid for the Projects in the African Region.

We then assist in the preparation of the Bid document and arrange the necessary Bid Securities, Line of Credit and various other technical and mandatory requirements till successful submission.


On successful award, we then advise clients on Project Management and extend our support and know how in the fields of optimal procurement, timely manufacturing, international and inland logistics planning, manpower resourcing, local support and other related activities.

Finance Support

Our background allows us to utilize a bankability focused work approach to assist clients get their deals done by focusing attention on the key building blocks that Lenders will require comfort around, preceding any finance

Strategic Support

We provide strategic support to senior management executives in the identification, focus and implementation of key strategic and financial initiatives

Transaction Support

We assist clients by conducting independent valuations of businesses and assets for acquisitions and disposal purposes;
We assist clients identify financial exposures that could be restructured and refinanced, where required for better liquidity


We develop ideas and analysis that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to grow

Transaction Implementation and Execution

We strive to provide best-in- class and cost effective transaction implementation and executive services on transactions in order to enable our clients to achieve their strategic objectives


Long and Medium Term Finance Arrangements and Lines of Credit

Geria International’s core area of expertise is the extenision of finance to companies, soveriegn governements and financial institutioms with large infrastructure projects to execute. The company extends finance including Lines of Credit to various companies to expand business and bolser growth. This allows for development of projects and a mitigation of the risk involved in financing projects. Our aim is to provide global finance with a long term goal in mind and to finance successful companies who have showed past capability in the execution of projects.

Alongside finacial arrangments, our clients benefit from financial advisory and structuring services, in order to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and are financiall viable. Some of the industries sectors covered include:

  • Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications
  • Other Infrastructure projects

Landlocked logistics

With experience in the African region, Geria International has capability to advise on logistics to landlocked countries as well as to sites in Southern Africa with rough terrain. Our rich export and trade experience from many countries around the world, including Europe, China, Asia and Africa enables us to optimize the global planning, scheduling, tracking and movement of goods to ensure effective and timely delivery and receipt of goods. We are able to manage and advise on end-to-end logistics from the manufacturing plant, through various ports, to the final destination. Over the last ten years, logistics networks have had to evolve to meet new levels of global demand and innovative purchasing and delivery methods. Our transportation consulting services are designed to optimise the network, visibility and understanding. Our clients benefit from our know-how of the industry and strong relationships with leading logistics partners.

Structuring companies

We offer clients a full spectrum of corporate finance advisory services related to capital raising, debt restructuring, private debt and equity placements, and alternative financing solutions. These advisory services enable client companies to fund corporate operations, acquisitions and growth, refinance indebtedness and realize liquidity. We are able to present shareholders and management teams with creative solutions that address issues specific to their businesses while maximizing operating flexibility.

We have access to diverse sources of capital. The firm has established significant relationships throughout financial community and has strategically aligned itself with key financial partners. Geria International also has the flexibility to structure transactions which may require deal points that differ from normal market terms and conditions.

The structured finance team is one of the leading advisors of financing for both domestic and international projects. The company’s leadership status springs from an extensive network of debt and equity capital providers, which is supported by project finance professionals with in-depth industry knowledge, strong relationships, and the ability to deliver one stop advisory and financing solutions.